Toothfairycyberspace is both whimsical and informative, designed to make you smile ! The name Faerie is probably a combination
 of the words fae "friend" and eire "green."  So Faerie means " Green Friend ".  Please point your cursor over my many little images, enjoy my interactive links or pop up word messages.   Can you " FIND " the animated magical mouse further down on left side of page and click on it ?  Or turn up your sound to listen to a sweet toothbrushing song !  
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In France, Spain, Mexico and province of Quebec... the Tooth Fairy tranforms into a  Magical Mouse who takes the teeth and brings good luck and gifts to the child !  In Mexico, the little Tooth Mouse would take baby teeth and leave a coin in payment.  He would use the teeth to replace the ones he lost from chewing on tough stuff.  In parts of India, China, Korea and Japan, baby teeth are also thrown on the roof for good luck.  Some cultures throw lower teeth under the bed.  Parents also may like to store the little teeth asa keepsake, which are occasionally made into little charms or other jewelery.  In Brazil these little tooth jewels are sometimes gold-plated.  
Worldwide there is much folklore, interesting tales, stories, fables, myths, legends about the customs and beliefs surrounding lost baby teeth.  My personal favourite belief is that a young fairy gave a shiny coin to a human child in exchange for their tooth...therebyre-establishing the lapsed friendship between fairies and humans.
I spread my wings to create   DENTAL & TOOTH FAIRY LINKS.   Explore the world's biggest toothpaste collection.  Includes many more informative + educational dental online resources, + dental funstuff too ! 

Tooth Mouse Legend, additional Fairy Lore, Fairy Cards, Music, Dental Art Cards, Books, Pet Dental info
and much much more !  Much research went into creating it so please do fly by to take a peek! 
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The ancient Egyptians believed the sun made teeth strong, so they threw lost teeth towards the sun.  Vikings had a "tooth fee " given to children in exchange of their baby tooth.  This mysterious belief was thought to bring luck and power in battle.  Centuries ago in Europe, parents ground children's teeth into a powder and ate it to protect their children from witches.  They were superstitious that if a witch got hold of the tooth, a curse could be placed on their child.  (Like hair & fingernails, they're DNA)  Mothers in England sometimes tossed teeth into the fire to burn them.  Lost teeth were often buried under a rock in the ground outside in the garden. This was also to hide them from witches.  As people migrated to other countries many of their superstitions followed them.  Many folks lived in towns and cities with less land surrounding them, so they began placing lost teeth in small flowerpots or planter boxes.  Eventually this rite too changed, and the teeth were placed under a child's pillow at night. 
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Do you wonder what the Tooth Fairy does with all the teeth she collects? Some are recycled into tooth jewelry which is popular among some cultures, the remainder are recycled and ground up into very fine fairy dust *  Experience interactive magical fantasy by clicking on the animated bag of fairy dust. The going rate per tooth varies depending on the economy and how many teeth were lost that day. . .Quarters, $1 or $2 coins are popular!  Sometimes a first lost tooth without fillings or cavities may fetch up to $5.00 
bill paper money !  
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The Toothfairy traditionally helps to mark major developmental stages in life, the passage from infancy to childhood, pre-teen and teenage years.  She visits believers who have lost a baby tooth, and placed it under their pillow while sleeping at night.  Sometimes 
baby teeth are also called "milkteeth".  In North America, Australia, and Europe the Toothfairy traditionally appears as a female winged sprite who leaves behind small gifts, coins or sometimes paper money to replace a lost baby tooth. 
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 " Ladybugs "  bring good luck but in " Old Folk Medicine " they were MASHED and placed into a cavity to cure a toothache!  I bet you did not know that?
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