Not only am I *fantastic* but believe me I
really do exist and really truly am fabulous!


Well...because even though I am "Old Skool", I have been the Tooth Fairy Online for a decade! Not too many Certified Dental Assistants have their own website. I am honoured to have received an award for being a "Unique Ambassador" from Canadian Dental Assistants Association.  For 2 years I've been tweeting as the Tooth Fairy @toothfairycyber flying around Twitter!

An award winning Canadian Animator @littleanimation has even interviewed and drawn me so that confirms that I really do exist! Can you believe it?  Ask @canadianmint they now have a Tooth Fairy theme COIN ! YAY, I helped with tweeting their twitter giveaway!

This an old article that was done in an effort to win an ipad.
That contest has expired but this tweeting Tooth Fairy is still wishing to WIN an ipad, believe you me!

- Posted by @toothfairycyber