Toothfairy projects for kids, products, 
& many more links!
Hygienist's great Internet Guide for information and education Links toToothfairycyberspace under Patient Education.
Brush, brush your teeth!
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Dentaltown and Hygienetown
Dental community interacting with each other.
The "Townie Network"
More info contact ADSBC
Link to Toothpaste World
Toothpaste World 
Dentist features the world's 
largesttoothpaste collection! Toothbrush & paste trivia.
Link to a funny dental parody.
CRUST Parody site 
pokes fun at a popular brand.  "C.R.U.D."   
LOUD  dramatic  music ! 
Links to Hygienist.co.uk
Dentisits in  funny cartoon comics !!
Toothfairies in funny cartoon comics !
 Very Educational ! Links to 
Inside Dental Assisting Website
Publication specifically for dental 
assistants.   FREE   subscriptions 
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The Irish Dental Nurses Association 
link to me and published an article I wrote about Toothfairycyberspace in their Oct./Nov. 2005 newsletter .
Learn some more about the Origin of Fairies and how they got their name which means      " Green Friend "  www.pantheon.org/articles/f/fairy.html
 More fairy lore within a Magical Fairy Store: http://www.efairies.com/fairy_lore.htm
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Friends of Hu-Friedy Website
For dedicated Dental Hygiene Professionals
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Original Artcard 
"Always Brush ! "
by Rae Mate,
wonderful artist,magnets, paintings, books & more.  
My fave: "Croc Creatures"
Dentalindia  For everything in dentistry for anyone, FREE online journals,abstracts,case studies and more.....
A web portal for Dental Professionals

You Think It's Easy Being 
the Tooth Fairy?
This modern book is so much 
fun to read. You will love the whimsical illustrations!
Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt, author.
Association of Professional Piercers    A P P
Great resource for " Oral Piercing " 
Risks & Health Considerations
Tooth Fairy's Twitter Pal 
Portugese Dentista's Blog
Lotsa Dental Fun + Info
The Singing Nurse Site
Includes Dental Songs too!
All about breastfeeding!  Human breastmilk (HBM) actually deposits calcium and phosphorus onto tooth enamel.
Twooth Timer
2 minute timer 
for Toothbrushing + other cute products!
Super Blake and the Cavity Monster by Tracy Bickhaus
Illustrated by Korey Scott
Riley's Lost Tooth 
by Diane Cantrell
Originally written for
her grandaughter.
Official TOOTH receipt
Downloadable letters, certificates and  printables.
Some dental goodies for the Holidays!